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In Bounty Hunter Blues, you are a bounty hunter about to start your mission. You find out that the mission is taking place in your old hometown station, a location you've left behind old memories. As you take on this mission you find yourself slowly confronted by your past.

Team Members

Nathaniel Ballinger - Programmer/Composer

Jae Cho - Character/Environment Artist

Brian Shiau - Programmer/UI

Minjie Kim - Character Artist/Writer

Rafik Rizik - Programmer/AI

Blaine Brezina - Environment Artist/UI

University of Texas at Austin - GAMMA

Install instructions

Click on the download link. Choose a folder location to download the zip file. Once the file has been downloaded, extract it into a folder of your choice. Double click the exe and play the game.


BountyHunterBlues.7z 148 MB

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